Patient Information
The neck incision can be cleaned with peroxide or gently with soap and water. A little oozing is
expected for the first day or so.
Take medications as prescribed.
Empty the drain (if there is one as instructed by the nurse).

Call Dr. Brian Szwarc if:
Bleeding occurs, breathing problems, questions about surgery.
Call if your lips become numb or your fingers tingle.

Contacting Dr. Szwarc:
First, call the office 229-226-1443 if it is daytime. The office staff is often the quickest way to locate Dr. Szwarc.
At night or when the office is closed, call the hospital operator at 229-228-2000 and state
your name and phone number where you can be reached. Ask the operator to page Dr. Szwarc.

Contact Dr. Szwarc according to the above instructions. If Dr. Szwarc is away, emergency room
physicians or other otolaryngologists, although they may be in other towns, are there to help.
Go to the emergency room if an urgent problem arises.

Additional Information:

You can eat or drink anything you want as long as it does not contain aspirin.
Tylenol is ok.