Direct Laryngoscopy

Postoperative Direct Laryngoscopy

Patient Information
Direct laryngoscopy is a procedure used to examine the larynx and possibly take a biopsy. It involves directly looking at the voice box (larynx). Sometimes a microscope is utilized to allow a better look. The operation is done in the operating room under general anesthetic. The operation is performed through the mouth and no cuts are made in the skin. A lighted tube is used to see the vocal cords.
There are no scars from the examination. Everything is done through the mouth.

Course in Hospital.  Usually people go home on the day of surgery after recovery with a mild sore throat.

Side Effects of Operation
Generally patients have a sore throat that may require no pain medication or mild pain medication. Tylenol is good to use.
Sometime the lip or the upper mouth is bruised. This will spontaneously get better.
The voice is usually hoarse. This will generally improve over the course of weeks but it depends on what surgery is performed and for what reason.

Call Dr. Brian Szwarc if:
Breathing problems
Any questions about surgery

Contacting Dr. Szwarc:
First, call the office if it is daytime. The office staff is often the quickest way to locate Dr. Szwarc. At night or when the office is closed, call the hospital operator at (229) 228-2000 and state your name and phone number where you can be reached. Ask the operator to page Dr. Szwarc.

Contact Dr. Szwarc according to the above instructions. If Dr. Szwarc is away, another physician will be covering emergencies.
Go to the emergency room if an urgent problem arises.

Additional Information:
You can eat or drink any food you would like. However, nausea is common during the first 24 hours after surgery and eating lightly is sensible.