Eardrum Repair

Myringoplasty or tympanoplasty is the repair of the eardrum.

Things to expect
There will be some blood from the ear… this is ok… it will stop.
The suture behind the ear will fall apart on its own.
The ear will drain a little bit. It has been filled with packing that dissolves and ointment.

Call Dr. Brian Szwarc if:
You become dizzy
Breathing problems
Your face droops on the side of the surgery

Contacting Dr. Szwarc:
First, call the office if it is daytime: 229-226-1443. The office staff is often the quickest way to locate Dr. Szwarc. At night or when the office is closed, call the hospital operator at (229) 228-2000 and state your name and phone number where you can be reached. Ask the operator to page Dr. Szwarc or the doctor on call for ENT.

Contact Dr. Szwarc according to the above instructions. If Dr. Szwarc is away, another physician will be covering emergencies.
Go to the emergency room if an urgent problem arises.

Call Dr. Szwarc if you have any problems or questions.

Additional Information:
Open your mouth when you sneeze.
Avoid airline travel for 2 weeks after surgery unless ok ‘d by Dr. Szwarc
Keep ear dry until Dr. Szwarc says it’s ok to get water in the ear or 3 weeks.
Showers or baths are ok, just rub some Vaseline into a cotton ball and keep it in your ear