Septoplasty is an operation to correct a deformity of the partition between the two sides of the nose. The usual purpose is to improve breathing, but it may also be required to permit adequate examination of the inside of the nose for treatment of polyps, inflammation, tumors, or bleeding. When the nasal septum is deformed, there is no medicine that will cause it to be straightened, so surgery is the only solution to this problem. The undesirable results that may occur include a hole in the septum, infection, failure to completely improve breathing, postoperative bleeding, nasal crusting, and very rarely a change in the shape of the nose.
Additional Information
Bleeding from the nose is normal. You can put a piece of gauze under the nose and tape it to your cheek. During the first few days you may have to change the gauze several times. The bleeding, if it is occurring should taper off during the first few days.

You can eat anything you want as long as it doesn’t contain aspirin.

Your nose will be congested and sore. It will not do any harm to bump the nose. Your breathing will improve when any packing or plastic stents are removed.

You can shower or bath.

Contact Dr. Szwarc is there are any vision problems.

Contacting Dr. Szwarc:
First, call the office if it is daytime. The number is 229-226-1443. The office staff is often the quickest way to locate Dr. Szwarc. At night or when the office is closed, call the hospital operator at (229) 228-2000 and state your name and phone number where you can be reached. Ask the operator to page Dr. Szwarc or the ENT on call.

Contact Dr. Szwarc according to the above instructions. If Dr. Szwarc is away, another physician will be covering emergencies.
Go to the emergency room if an urgent problem arises.